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Social Media Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

03.29.2017 / Talent Aquisition

Let’s start with a case study: Back in 2015, a client of ours implemented their first ever Social Media strategy. Eighteen months later, the results have far exceeded any expectations set at the kick off! The client recently informed us that over the 18-month period, their nursing units from ER to critical care to OR…

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Hiring Truck Drivers Gets Tougher By The Day!

03.24.2017 / Talent Aquisition

Trucking makes the world go round. We believe it as much as you do, but that doesn’t make it any easier to hire truck drivers. That is why we have laid the foundations for solving the problems that face trucking companies throughout the United States. Here’s the scary part… In as little as two-years, the…

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Save Recruitment $$ Through Effective Branding

03.21.2017 / Talent Aquisition

Struggling to see the benefit of investing in your Employment Brand? In a recent study, companies that don’t get their Employer Value Proposition and Employment Brand right were shown to have higher costs to attract and hire the talent they want by over 50%. What does ‘right’ mean? In the short term, a successful employment…

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So you’ve built a great brand for your company with a powerfully compelling story that grabs your consumer’s interest and inspires interaction.  Terrific! Now what brand are you building for potential employees? Yep, today’s organizations need TWO brands: one that serves customers and one that serves the employees who serve those customers. By definition, an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a strategic set of tools…

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Making Sense of Facebook’s New Jobs Feature!

03.10.2017 / Talent Aquisition

Facebook recently rolled out a new product that allows companies to post job openings directly to their Facebook page. What does this mean for job seekers? Job postings are visible to anyone visiting a company’s Facebook page, and also appear in the newsfeed of users who have ‘liked’ the page. Potential candidates can begin the application process directly…

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