Save Recruitment $$ Through Effective Branding

03.21.2017 / Talent Aquisition

employer branding 101

Struggling to see the benefit of investing in your Employment Brand?

In a recent study, companies that don’t get their Employer Value Proposition and Employment Brand right were shown to have higher costs to attract and hire the talent they want by over 50%.

What does ‘right’ mean?

In the short term, a successful employment brand will lead to an increase in the overall quality of your candidates, while also improving campaign activity and internal productivity. Longer term, as your brand continues to grow, you will see a significant decrease in cost to attract, cost per application and turnover.

It seems so complex, how do I get started?

The end goal should be to simplify your brand experience for both candidates and internal employees. Nobody wants to work hard to find out what you do, or apply for a job. Here are some tips for how to get the ball rolling:

– Rome wasn’t built in day. Address your most pressing needs first and build a foundation on which your brand can grow.

– Humanize your approach. Recruitment is a people business, so connect candidates to the day-to-day life in a role they’re looking to fill.

– Honesty is critical. If you misrepresent your brand at the first touchpoint, you risk heightened turnover and disgruntled employees.

– Syncing up the objectives of HR and Marketing is pivotal in any successful EB/EVP initiative.

– Track performance. Having quantifiable data will help you continuously improve and streamline how you communicate with your audience.


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