Social Media Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

03.29.2017 / Talent Aquisition

how to recruit using social media

Let’s start with a case study:

Back in 2015, a client of ours implemented their first ever Social Media strategy. Eighteen months later, the results have far exceeded any expectations set at the kick off!

The client recently informed us that over the 18-month period, their nursing units from ER to critical care to OR reported back to the recruiting team that a high number of applicants and hires were coming from our long-term efforts on Facebook. Awesome, right?

So, how do we get from start to success?

– First and foremost, a separate page for careers on each of your social sites is essential. Taking this first step will allow for you to create more targeted content that is not diluted by corporate materials or consumer focused posts.

– Set up a content calendar for organic posts, paid advertising and ‘likes’ campaigns. Having a calendar will enable you to automate the process and relieve some of the burden, while also creating some accountability around getting posts live.

– To continuously grow and improve, you must manage your page’s engagement statistics on organic posts. Funding and/or boosting high performing content will allow you to best engage your audience with content that resonates.

– Stay actively involved in content creation. Authenticity is key, so if you can play a role in how your company communicates with potential candidates, you have a higher probability of creating that initial connection.

– Give it time! Your success will be driven by your ability to track and use data to make smart decisions. Typically, we view 12 months of data as a good sample size. This data will allow you to understand trends, audiences and what content garners the most engagement.

– Build a content library and expand it over time. Culture related videos and imagery play a huge part in engaging an audience!

There’s no overnight formula, but over time, with the right strategy, Social Media can become a potent recruiting tool for any company.

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