5 Things To Complement Your Trucking Media Buy!

04.11.2017 / Talent Aquisition

5 top tips when recruiting truck drivers

Capturing good quality truck driver leads is all about your media mix, right? Close, but not quite. It’s important to think beyond the media if you want to stand out to high-quality drivers and improve your conversion ratio. A relatively untapped stage in the recruitment process is your recruiter’s phone calls. Listening in on these phone calls can provide you with information that will, in time, help to improve recruiter performance and efficiency.

We know that competition is fierce and the little things can make more of a difference than they did in the past. That’s why we have come up with five tips that will significantly improve your recruitment process, based on insights gathered from recruiter phone calls.

In no particular order:

1. Look out for developing trends in the wants and needs of your applicants. These trends can help you remain competitive in a constantly changing field.

2. Provide your agency with feedback on the quality of applicants. This feedback will allow for media buying decisions to be made based on quality, not quantity.

3. Arm your recruiters with better information. If you can forecast the questions that drivers are frequently asking, you can provide your recruiter’s with the best possible responses.

4. Develop better internal strategies for how to train and get the best out of your recruitment team. If you can identify strengths and weaknesses on an individual level, plans can be made to expedite the growth process and improve efficiency.

5. As applications become more and more of a premium, so does your recruiter’s time. Knowing just how efficient your team is on the phone, can increase the number of applicants you serve each day.


The tips don’t end here, for more information on how to take your driver recruitment efforts to the next level, reach out today!