Generation Z is here… is your company prepared?

04.21.2017 / Talent Aquisition

how to recruit generation z

Generation Z (born 1995-2010) is now entering the workforce and will hold down over 20% of all U.S jobs, by 2020. As many employers continue to struggle with Millennials, are you prepared for the generational differences that will come with our newest emerging workforce group?

Studies conducted on the working traits of Generation Z show very distinct differences from previous generations. These differences will significantly impact the ability of employers to engage and retain new employees. We have outlined some of the most prevalent and ideas for how to address them.

Generation Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in U.S history, with over 47% considered a minority. That coupled with an adeptness in research and self-education allows us to start piecing together a candidate profile, but where can our audience be reached? Email is outdated according to our new generation who are far more likely to engage in real-time chat with a recruiter, which coincides with a decrease in attention spans from 12 seconds in Millennials to 8 seconds in Generation Z. The goal must be good content, quickly!

As we hope to deliver good content to our incoming generation, we must first understand where their interests lie. Having seen their parents live through the struggles of a recession, they enter the workforce with an inherent sense of realism. A willingness to work hard for good pay and stability shows a commitment to building a career, rather than the job-hopping mentality we see from the Millennial generation. Peer interaction and working towards the causes nearest and dearest to them will play determining roles in choosing a job, meaning that companies will need to focus more attention on the community, in order to attract top talent.

In creating this early stage persona for Generation Z, we can immediately see a need for the candidate experience to resonate quickly. Your employer brand provides the ideal platform for this through information architecture and storytelling. Look for ways to customize your message in a way that shows commitment to global and social needs, through products or services. Provide a functional careers journey based on growth and reward for hard work. Finally, beyond your employer brand, look to implement tactical strategies for campus recruiting and candidate communications that can be measured and improved as you further understand your audience.

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