Our Take On The Role Craigslist Should Play In Recruiting!

04.25.2017 / Talent Aquisition

recruiting on craigslist

“Craigslist is for buying used cell phones and golf clubs, not recruitment. I don’t think my candidate audience is even on Craigslist.”

We hear similar concerns about Craigslist from most employers and while, we agree, you won’t hire your next c-level executive on Craigslist, it can be a great tool when recruiting for certain roles. For example, we are currently averaging 50 leads per hire (LPH) for truck drivers compared to an average of 100-150 on other sources.

Now, posting in the way that you currently know it will likely cause you to fall short. In larger markets, such as Chicago or New York, you’re lucky if you last six hours on page one. Given that you can only post once every 72 hours, that’s two posts per week. It’s tough to gain traction or see any noteworthy return with such a small amount of time in the spotlight.

What if there was a better way?

Well, fortunately, there is. At Bayard, we’ve introduced a way to post that guarantees a 100% show rate at the frequency that best suits your needs. Better yet, your posts will no longer be flagged by competitors or ghosted by Craigslist’s algorithm. Finally, as your campaigns blossom and the apps roll in, we can now track clicks per location, so that we can make smarter decisions on where to geographically place your budget. It’s a whole new way to use a previously ignored medium.

Welcome to the future of recruiting on Craigslist. For more information, click here.