How to improve the quantity and quality of your candidates through job postings…

04.28.2017 / Talent Aquisition

the true value of job postings


Too many employers treat job descriptions as a way to weed out the kind of employees that they don’t want to hire. All too often, candidates are subjected to bullet after bullet of the skills and talents demanded of them. It’s key to remember that as much as you, the employer, have needs, so does your target audience. And according to Business News Daily, postings that meet those needs receive almost three times as many qualified applicants as those that don’t.


So, do we recommend painting a rosy picture of life at your company? That depends on whether or not it is true. Catering to the needs of your ideal candidate is important, but the backlash of false promises can lead to greater problems. In a study conducted by Career Builder, 37% of people told five or more people about a bad experience they had at a company.


Here’s a tease of the six-point guide that we follow at Bayard, to ensure that our clients’ job postings tell the right careers story.


  1. Lead Strong with Employee Value Proposition. What is the compelling ‘pitch’ to a job seeker?…


For more information on the full guide and a free rate card on the performance of your current postings, CLICK HERE.