How to fix employee engagement issues…

06.22.2017 / Talent Aquisition

How to fix employee engagement issues


According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 33% of U.S.-based employees are fully engaged at work. That’s staggering when compared to the countries who score highest on employee engagement and average around 70%. So, what is it about the United States that makes work so intolerable? And, how do we go about fixing it?


As far as solutions go, organizations are trying everything from employee engagement surveys, live interviews and company-wide events. While these exercises gauge the satisfaction of current employees, they don’t identify or solve the real problem. How can we identify what attracts a higher level of talent and keeps them around?


An article published in Forbes, by Rodd Wagner, explains that “the importance of compensation tends to be underestimated in employee survey analyses because, by definition, they include only those at least satisfied enough with the company’s pay to still be at the organization.” As you can see from this example, much of what matters lies beneath the surface.


Is there a viable solution to what is becoming an epidemic in the United States? Yes. And it’s been right under our nose the whole time. It can be found in an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). These are offerings, such as benefits and culture, which are promoted by a company to attract new talent. However, an EVP can be so much more.


So, what exactly is an EVP? In the same Forbes article, Mr. Wagner explains “an EVP is the complete offering a company makes to its prospective employees in hopes they will join and to current employees in return for staying, for giving their best efforts, and in hopes, they will speak well of the organization once they’ve moved on.”


To read the full article published by Rodd Wagner, click here.


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