Understanding Analytics. Mastering Efficiency.

07.07.2017 / Talent Aquisition

Understanding analytics in recruitment marketing


Recruitment analytics and the new world of “Big Data” can be muddled and confusing. The real-world metrics that you need to make smart business decisions are often skewed or hard to find. We understand, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


As we look at the current state of recruitment analytics, a Bersin by Deloitte study shows that 56% of companies are still operating using reactive, operational reporting. This style of isolated reporting generated solely on demand makes it impossible to make long-term decisions based on trends and projections.


At the very least, having all of this data at our fingertips should allow us to be pro-active, right? Advanced reports showing data on KPI’s dictated by you, allow for deep-dive analysis and benchmarking, but is that that limit of what all of this data can do?


It’s time to get strategic and even predictive with your analytics. We believe that your reporting should go way beyond just telling you how your last campaign performed. It should help you to optimize and even predict how your next one will.


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