The impact of social media on your ability to hire great candidates!

07.21.2017 / Talent Aquisition

What your social media presence says about you


Social media is becoming more and more essential to job seekers who are trying to learn about a potential job. What your company posts on social media can tell a job seeker a lot about the company and what it is like to work there. 57% of job seekers said that they used social media at least once a month to learn more about potential employers. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram can provide an effective medium to show off your company culture and portray a sense of work-life balance.


Social media has an enormous reach, with 14.4 million job seekers stating that they have used social networks to find a job. If your company is not active on social media, increasing your activity can lead to engaging with higher quality candidates and improve the efficiency of your recruitment team. Remember, the average cost of a bad hire is close to $840,000 with a potential negative ROI reaching up to 298%.


Improving your social media can lead to improvements in recruitment metrics such as quality of hire, cost per hire and offer acceptance rate. With as many as 48% of CEOs believing that their companies have lost money because of inefficient recruiting, social media can be a small price to pay for potentially huge improvements. Posting more frequently and using original content alone will say a lot about your company to a job seeker.


More and more companies are using social media as a recruitment tool. At Bayard, we can help you keep pace by improving the quality of your content and tracking the success of each post. Success will be determined using our analytics platform that will provide results based on your pre-determined KPI’s. We can then use the appropriate metrics to develop targeted content and improve your ability to engage your target audience.


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