Avoid Solving the Wrong Problem. It’s Expensive.

11.07.2017 / Zachery Tweddell

Director, Marketing & Innovation

Solving the Wrong Problem in Employer Branding


Black post-it notes, camouflage golf balls, and exotic ‘vers ass ass’ worms are all examples of products that maybe shouldn’t have made it to the shelf but did.


These represent just a few of hundreds and thousands of misguided branding initiatives. You can click here for more examples.


Why should we care about these seemingly obvious branding mishaps?


They all exemplify what we mean by ‘solving the wrong problem’ and, while seemingly obvious, they all slipped through the cracks somewhere.


The most common reason for any unsuccessful branding initiative is that it solves the wrong problem. Even some of the most beautifully designed sites and products fail because the intention behind them is misguided. For example, puppies and kittens are cute and will capture attention, but, if used in recruitment, they will fall short when attracting, engaging and qualifying candidates for a role at your company.


We don’t always realize, but misaligning your value proposition is an expensive mistake to make. Taking the cost of the project out of the equation, you still have to consider soaring turnover rates and the lasting impact of poor company reviews. So, in a space where budgets can be at a premium, how do you identify and solve the right problems?


The key is to create alignment between what the candidate wants and your value proposition as an employer. Through a mix of discovery components, we can create a 360-degree view of a role at your company and compare that to both close-in and far-out competitors. Once we identify key opportunity gaps within the candidate market, it’s all about designing the experience for your audience. Not rocket science, we know, but it does require an approach that can at times be counter intuitive and that’s where we come in.


For a deeper dive into what this process might look like for you, CLICK HERE.