4 Things Employers Need to Do More of This Year

01.17.2018 / Zachery Tweddell

Director, Marketing & Innovation

4 things employers should do more of this year

By Louis Naviasky – CEO

Now that the January hiring season is well underway I’ve been thinking about what tactics employers should be doing more of in order to recruit the talent they need. Candidates are now savvier than ever so your recruiting strategy will need to evolve in order to compete with other players in your industry.

Your brand, your jobs, your messaging will all need more investment this year. So here are my suggestions for what to add to your recruiting toolbox. Bayard, of course, can assist you with most of these so if you’d like to know more give us a ring.

1. More Facebook Recruiting

It’s time for more employers to embrace Facebook as a recruiting platform. The targeting available via their advertising ecosystem is quite amazing at pinpointing the people who match your required skill set. From Mechanics in Nashville to Nurses in Omaha, you can reach literally anyone on Facebook with an ad.

Plus their new jobs marketplace is a free source of candidate traffic that employers can no longer ignore. You’ll have to have someone manage your candidates on it but investing some time and resources into Facebook Jobs is a wise move. It is particularly good for promoting the lower end, entry level, and blue-collar positions. Facebook Jobs is becoming the new Craigslist!

2. More Candidate Nurturing

As a CRM (candidate relationship manager) mentality begins to take hold in the recruiting software ecosystem it will become more important for Enterprise level employers to nurture their candidates through content over email and text. Many ATS vendors are now adding CRM functionality and a number of new CRM systems like CandidateID have been born to serve such a purpose.

By staying in touch with your prospective candidates you can keep them “warm” until they are ready to engage with you. Let them indicate an interest in your jobs too because some may not want to apply just yet. I’m really talking about creating a ‘sales funnel’ approach to recruiting. After all, if they visit your career site or job listing and don’t follow through, you’ve wasted that click. At the very least capture their interest and begin to nurture that candidate.

3. More Visuals/Video

For too long, online recruiting has been dominated by text. The problem is job seekers, like web visitors in general, prefer images and video to text. Why make a job seeker reader a page full of text when you can show it through a 1 or 2 minute video?

Making your jobs and career site more visual should be a priority for every employer struggling to attract talent. Candidates want to watch! They want to see inside your organization through real images of your employees in action. So consider at the very least adding an image or embedding a video into each of your job postings. Grab the candidates’ attention with some kind of visual first.

And by the way, when it comes to video this study says candidates want to hear from the hiring manager, not your HR department. A recent study by an HCM consultant has actual proof on this. They’d rather see what their potential boss is like on film more than any other type of video.

4. Better Job Ads

Notice I wrote ads and not descriptions? Traditional job descriptions are not set up to attract candidates. A laundry list of bullet points is not going to attract the best applicants. Instead, take a storytelling approach like this job for a Product Engineer at a tech startup called Zapier.

It starts out by saying hello and uses a series of real-world photos that showcase the culture of the company. There are no requirements listed, instead, they describe their ideal candidate in the “About You” section. They also effectively use highlights to point out key phrases and the copy is personable and easy to read.

There are so many poorly-worded job descriptions online today, it’s time for employers to up their game wouldn’t you say?


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