The Details of Your Job Descriptions Matter More Than Ever

02.02.2018 / Zachery Tweddell

Director, Marketing & Innovation

By Louis Naviasky – CEO

The design and structure of the traditional, online job posting has undergone significant change in the past few years. From the need to become more visual to the metadata required to be included in Google Jobs, most employers need to rethink how they write, design and publish their job listings.

Since the job market will tighten even further this year, the conversion rate of your job description is more critical than ever to get right. According to most industry experts, the average apply rate for a typical job is around 6%-7%. That means for every 100 job seekers that view your job only 6 or 7 will end up applying.

So it behooves every employer to optimize their job descriptions to speak to the candidate and streamline the copy, design and apply process. Here’s some ideas for how to do that.

Make it Google Jobs friendly

Since most employers use an ATS you will need to check if your vendor is compatible with their index. Most of the modern systems are already but if your ATS is older you may be out of luck. Having said that there are other things in your control that will help you appear in Google Jobs results. By including details such as salary and street address you can give Google Jobs key information it now requires for the optimal indexing of jobs.

Get visual

Include an image or video in your job descriptions. The web is a visual place so the more imagery you have in your jobs the better it will convert. Images and video will capture the candidates attention and help tell your story. Video hosting services like Vimeo or Wistia even offer the ability to capture emails and embed links inside your videos. That will help you track stats and capture warm candidate leads.

Describe the benefits and perks

All candidates want to know what’s in it for them before they decide to apply. So if you aren’t devoting a few sentences to your key benefits and perks you aren’t selling the opportunity to them. Any special perks about working there will help them get a feel for the culture and work environment.

Tell them who they will work for and with

The big unknown for most candidates is who their boss and teammates will be.

Keep your branding. Make sure your EVP (employer value proposition) is well integrated into each description. If you have a hashtag embed it somewhere in the posting. Link off to employee stories and other career content. The TA team at Gartner does a good job of this. Check out this example. It has a clean layout with graphical icons, a section about working in the area with more info and other related jobs.

By implementing the above ideas, employers will most certainly improve their conversion rates and give candidates more reasons to apply.

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