Speed Up Your Hiring to Fill More Jobs

04.17.2018 / Zachery Tweddell

Director, Marketing & Innovation

Too often I see employers fail in one important aspect of the recruiting process. The speed at which they make hires. Hiring faster allows you to snag top candidates before they can drop out to take a competing offer.

A faster time to hire also allows you to improve offer acceptance rates, thus strengthening your employer brand, and satisfying your hiring managers more quickly.

So with that said, let’s take a look at some specific steps that can dramatically speed up your time to hire.

Fix the Roadblocks

Determine which of the hiring steps are most time-consuming and which roadblocks are easiest to curtail. Most of the time, the two primary delays are slow hiring manager scheduling and slow decision making. Make a concerted effort to address these problem areas.

Expedite Requisition Approvals

Job postings should be automatically approved allowing a job requisition to move forward automatically if a higher-level manager fails to act within the assigned period. This job “red tape” doesn’t need to exist.

Use Programmatic

Boost your applicant flow by using programmatic job advertising which distributes your openings to multiple national and niche job sites. Programmatic puts your jobs everywhere to maximize their exposure. Also if you post the jobs internally first consider posting them simultaneously both inside and outside of the company.

Supercharge Employee Referrals

Firms such a SHYFT Analytics in Boston recently boosted their referrals to 50% of all hires through a strong internal push. They advertised the openings on video screens throughout the office and in email alerts among other tactics to raise awareness of the program. Referrals work if you make the effort to communicate them.

Build a Talent Community

A pipeline approach eliminates the need for the common chaotic post and pray sourcing by focusing on finding talent in key jobs long before an opening arises. By also providing adequate lead time, it allows you to slowly evaluate from a distance the skills and check the references of the identified top prospects. Of course this takes time and resources but few companies seem to get it right. Consider hiring someone with community management skills to help.

Year-round Advertising for Evergreen Jobs

Important high-volume jobs are designated as always open using this method, allowing sourcing to continuously seek them out using an always open requisition. Bypassing the delay of having to get a new requisition approved allows you to make a hire immediately. These jobs should have a dedicated monthly budget to continually attract candidates.

Hiring Days

By publicizing that a company is hiring thousands of employees in a single day, this now-mainstream approach generates a large amount of free publicity and a buzz for the firm. It also allows your managers to focus on hiring for a single day. Some firms go a step further and will hold “interview fridays” on a regular schedule to help stack up candidates and be more interview efficient.

Same Day interviews

This approach schedules all finalist candidate interviews on the same day. It’s much easier to compare candidates side by side when all interviews are held on one day. And assessing a candidate for an entire day will allow you to be confident that your evaluation is extensive and thorough. Seeing them back to back gives you unique perspective.

Self Interview Scheduling

The top hiring delay factor is often slow interview scheduling. One solution is to allow candidates to use a website scheduling tool providing them with a selection of available interview times. Home Depot recently did this. They allow candidates to self-schedule interview with store managers after they pass the pre-screen.

Limit the Number of Interviews

Very little assessment accuracy is provided after two interviews, and almost none after four interviews, according to research by Google. Reducing the number of interviews can reduce candidate frustration, in addition to saving time. Don’t let interview overkill run rampant.

Offer After Hours interview slots

Scheduling interviews with candidates who are employed is always a challenge. So have your recruiters provide alternate times before or after normal working hours to do the phone screen or initial interview.

You probably already know that the competition for the talent you need is intense ang growing more so every day. This competition means that top candidates are getting multiple offers.

Therefore if you don’t dramatically increase your hiring speed to 10 days or less, you risk losing this talent. By making ‘speed of hiring’ a priority among your TA team, recruiting can become a key advantage in today’s war for talent.

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