The Three Main Reasons to Partner with a Recruitment Ad Agency…

01.24.2019 / Robert Zarske

The advantages of partnering with a recruitment advertising agency and why it could save you money.

With the national unemployment rate skirting 4% and having dropped as low as 3.7% in September 2018 (the lowest in nearly 50 years), the proverbial “War for Talent” is still a reality faced by many employers. What’s more, 86% of the most qualified candidates for your open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new job.

If you’re a Talent Acquisition Director, Hiring Manager, or Recruiter navigating this landscape you likely know firsthand how challenging it can be to meet your hiring goals efficiently, effectively, and within budget. You also know that with this shift from an active to a more passive candidate audience comes a need and responsibility to leverage a diverse set of recruitment tools that are more focused and thoughtful than ever.

Given the countless number of hiring platforms and recruitment media solutions available today, how do you go about identifying what’s appropriate for your company? How do you determine what is truly sized right for one particular need versus another? Once you’ve identified these avenues, how do you hold your vendor partners accountable with actionable metrics measuring ROI?

If only there was a way to enlist a dedicated team of reinforcements, with expertise in tackling exactly those challenges, that could drop into the trenches with you with a simple phone call.

There is. And we have over 95 years of experience doing just that.

Here at Bayard, we pride ourselves in being a technology independent advertising agency and consultancy committed to applying best practices to recruitment and employer brand communications. We’ve been putting this pride into practice since 1923, but what does that mean for you as a Talent Acquisition professional? The value of a partnership with Bayard can be broken into three key benefits:

  1. We’re here to make your life easier – When you partner with Bayard you’ll be assigned to a dedicated Account Coordinator or Account Manager who will be responsible for executing all of your day-to-day requests and ensuring that your campaigns are optimized to meet your needs. They will act as a liaison between internal departments and third-party vendors to streamline communications and workflow processes on your behalf and eliminate the need for you to keep track of multiple points of contact. Your Bayard account representative will also leverage the agency’s full suite of services to ensure that you and your team are set up for success to meet your goals.

  3. We do what we do because we believe in helping great companies find great people – We’re not order takers. We’re thought leaders. We make it a point to approach every challenge as an opportunity to ask “why?”. Why are certain solutions not fulfilling a need? Why is a particular media source more or less suitable than another? Why is a specific level of spend required to make a specific number of hires? By taking the time to understand the “why?” behind your current needs we are able to identify the appropriate “what” and “how” to properly address them.

  5. We develop recruitment advertising strategies that put your employer story in front of the right audience while allowing you and your teams to focus on what you do best – hiring top talent – This creates a much more efficient hiring process for you and your recruiters. By having a dedicated account management team by your side with the tools and expertise of a full-service agency at the ready, a partnership with Bayard has the proven potential to reduce your cost-per-apply and cost-per-hire as well as effectively lead to fewer unqualified applicants filling your candidate pipeline.


These benefits can be abstract and not all agencies are created equal.

With an emphasis on great customer service, Bayard specializes in Digital Strategy, Employer Branding, Creative Execution, Technology Consulting, Social Media Strategy & Execution, Metrics & Analytics, and RPO. These specialties are spearheaded by over 250 great people including a 40+ member Client Services team, an award-winning Creative Services team, a Google Premier Partner certified Digital team, a Sprout Social certified Social Media team, a data-driven Reporting team, and countless four-legged friends – all working together towards what we believe in. Helping great companies find great people.

If you’re interested in a free audit of your hiring process, EVP, existing media, or simply have questions about the recruitment industry landscape, please get in touch. We’re here to make your life easier.